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Drum Class


We are pleased to offer instruction for snare (left) and tenor (right) drummers.

All drummers will need a practice pad. Don't stress too much about which one to buy, just go with the price range that works for you. There are several places you can buy drum pads from, but here are a few:

Snare drummers should purchase Jim Kilpatrik KP2 snare sticks (this style of drumstick is specific to pipe bands). Some options for purchasing are linked below:

Tenor drummers should purchase tenor mallets. Since these can be a little expensive, you are welcome to come to class and try a set out before purchasing your own:

All classes run yearly from Jan-Mar and again from Sep-Nov.

  • Time: Thursday nights 6:00-6:30 pm

  • Location: North end of the Lindon Community Center
    (25 N Main St, Lindon, UT)

  • Bring: Your drum pad and sticks/mallets

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