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Bagpipe Class

Practice Chanters

Students spend several months mastering fundamentals on practice chanters before eventually moving up to pipes, so don't buy bagpipes yet! There are several good places to buy chanters, but here are a few. We recommend purchasing a regular (standard) or long polypenco (poly) chanter that is around $100. Long is the same length as the bagpipe chanter:

Download our free book!

This is the beginning bagpipe book we use in class.

Make sure to bring a printed or electronic copy with you every week!

Beginner course


The 12 week beginner course covers the first half of our instruction book and is designed for anyone age 8+ who has never played a practice chanter before.

Intermediate course


The 12 week intermediate course covers the second half of our instruction book and is designed for anyone age 8+ who has completed the beginner course or already has some experience with the practice chanter.

Advanced Course


The 12 week advanced course provides support for students as they transition from practice chanters to actual bagpipes. It is designed for anyone who has completed the intermediate course or already has several months of experience on the practice chanter.

All classes run yearly from Jan-Mar and again from Sep-Nov.

  • Time: Thursday nights 6:00-6:30 pm

  • Location: North end of the Lindon Community Center
    (25 N Main St, Lindon, UT)

  • Bring: Your practice chanter and a copy of the book

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